Below is a brief, but detailled history of XN728, should you wish to know more than please feel free to contact us.

October 1962 First flown by T.M.S. Ferguson
June 1963 No.92 Sqn Assigned to No.92 Sqn, RAF Leconfield and tail coded ‘B’
December 1965 Relocated to RAF Gielenkirchen, Germany
February 1966 60MU Temporarily assigned to 60 MU (Maintenance Unit) for modifications
January 1968 Suffered a Cat 4 landing accident and moved to Warton for repair and conversion to F.2a
July 1969 Assigned the new tail code ‘B’ while still with No.92 Sqn
October 1970 Returned to Warton for modifications. Re-coded ‘V’ on return to No.92 Sqn
July 1972 Assigned new tail code ‘H’, still with No.92 Sqn
April 1977 Withdrawn from use and moved to RAF Wildenrath as 8546M to be used as a decoy
September 1983 Moved to RAF Coningsby to be used as a decoy. Flown by P. Boothroyd
October 1983 Sold to G.A. Wilks then on to A1 Car Sales, Balderton, Newark
2013 Aircraft fuselage scrapped, but cockpit saved
2014 Cockpit sold to Darren Swinn