The restoration of XS456 Lightning T.5 at Skegness Water Leisure Park, Lincolnshire

XS422 Lightning T.5 is owned and operated by the Anglo American Lightning Organisation “AALO” Ltd. This aircraft is currently in a taxiing condition. Located at Stennis International Airport in Mississippi, USA.

Currently home to four complete airframes and two cockpit sections. Both XR728 and XS904 can be seen running regularly throughout the year. Located at Bruntingthorpe Airfield, Leicestershire.

Home to XN724 Lightning F.6, owned by the Lightning Association. With the intension to restore the aircraft as near to it’s original condition as possible. Located at RAF Binbrook, Lincolnshire.

This website contains a fountain of information on this iconic aircraft. Including a list of all aircraft built along with thier brief details.