June 2020
After several years of hunting and searching for a replacement fuse box for the upper spine area yet again Dave Blissett of Lincs Lightning’s came up trumps and sourced a replacement for the project. Only went to pay him a brief visit yesterday evening to drop something off and was handed over a replacement fuse box. Yet another fine true gentleman in the Lightning world who has helped out the project many times before and no doubt will continue to do so in the future.
This is what Lightning preservation is all about everyone pulling together and helping each other out. I am so happy to be amongst a true good circle of friends in the lightning world and without certain people ( too many to mention but you all know who you are ) xn728 would be nowhere near complete what she is currently.
Yet again many thanks Dave.


January 2020
Well today I finally managed to get some time to have a few hours with some much appreciated help from Craig Wise. One of the main and biggest jobs was to slightly modify the red top weapons pack to enable fitment of the Firestreak rail. After removal of 8 small screws it was a simple job and eventually 728 finally sported a missile on her port side for the first time since at least April 1977. Looking like a proper fighter jet once again.

Would love to eventually fit another missile to the starboard side but that depends on finding another Firestreak launch rail so if anyone can help with the whereabouts of another launch rail and missile please get in touch

The project will continue but right now at an extremely slow pace. Thank you for your support so far and please keep continuing to support the project, Darren.


July 2018
Few hours spent on 728 this weekend and slowly power is being installed to various panels including the gunsight. This is the first time in many years that the cockpit has been lit. More lighting will be to the rest of the instruments as and when time allows. But for the time being this photo should give a good idea as to how the cockpit will look when finished.

The project will continue but right now at an extremely slow pace. Thank you for your support so far and please keep continuing to support the project, Darren.




March 2019

Hi, first of I would like to apologise to everyone who has been following the project or who have helped the project since day one for the lack of updates recently. I have had some personal issues I have been dealing with which meant all my projects were put on the back burner.

Not much has recently been achieved with the project as mentioned but a couple of parts have been sourced to help the project along. First off, the missing gun port from the port side lower position has been found and secured and will be collected and fitted once I have saved up to pay for the panel as it wasn’t cheap. The second item for the project was recently collected. As most people know the mk.2a was fitted with a Firestreak weapons pack so a pair of Firestreaks could be fitted. ‘728 still had her original pack fitted but was heavily damaged and had some severe corrosion issues. The missile mounting points were damaged badly. In fact, the starboard side was totally wrecked which means she would never be able to wear a pair of missiles ever again. Anyway, a chance conversation with a friend ended up with 728 being donated a complete weapons pack in good condition and included the pylon mounting jaws which was a major bonus. This pack has been collected and is now in the workshop with 728.

I am still after some of the smaller fairings for the Firestreak missile I have already purchased also the protective noddy cap to protect the glass head so if anyone can help with either the noddy cap or some fairings for a Firestreak missile please get in touch.

 November 2018
Well it’s been a while since I have posted mainly due to one reason. On the 19th July I was involved in a car accident with a drink driver which wrote my car off and has left me with some back injuries so since the Lincolnshire show work came to a halt to let me try to heal and get better. 3 months on I am still struggling but trying to get better. This weekend I managed to uncover her and check her to make sure the outside elements haven’t caused any damage and to prepare her for the winter coming. Hopefully she will be undercover shortly but until then I managed to remove various items from inside the cockpit to stop them getting damaged by the colder weather. So, this is the latest picture I took on Saturday before she had items removed for Hopefully health depending winter work to commence. Please bear with me. The project will continue but right now at an extremely slow pace. Thank you for your support so far and please keep continuing to support the project, Darren.


July 2018

Just a quick update as rushing around this morning but will post up later about the show last week, but this news is so exciting it can’t wait. A good friend John Paul who I have known for many years and has a fine collection of lightning items in his collection contacted me after seeing the recent pictures and kindly offered to sell me one of his stick tops to make the project more complete. A quick rally round to sell a few items to raise the funds and finally last night the holy grail came home. Well wow. Thank you very much mate. You are a star and made the cockpit that one more step to completion closer.